Transport businessmen agreed with Hugo Moyano not to pay the $ 14,000 bonus – 05/12/2018

After a meeting, Dani Indart, President of the Argentine Federation of Business Entities of Autotransport de Cargas (Fadeak) and Hugo Muciano, General Secretary of the National Federation of Truck Drivers (FedCam) Agreed not to pay the bonus of 14,000 pesos required by the guild.

Indart explains "the impossibility of the cargo transport sector to face the payment, taking into account the recessive economic context to which the activity is exposed". But he refers to Muyano "the institutional position of Subscribe to the increase in the salary increase sample " Which was agreed with the union as the maximum deposit that cargo can make.

"This positive dialogue Among the parties was necessary and adult understanding to preserve and slowly strengthen the sector so punished by the incessant increases in costs and tax burden, "FADEAC said in a statement.

Fadeak, founded in 1967, has 51 base chambers throughout the country. And it is the entity that describes parietarias with truckers.

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