Time bomb: the UVA mortgage loan rate rose almost 50% a year


Debtors of the UVA mortgage loans are desperate in the 50% increase in fees. After the Buenos Aires Legislature delayed the treatmentIt is known that these values ​​do not give way and the pocket hurts.

Is that the credits went Along with inflationary pressure and increased 46.9% in 2018. That is to say that those who have learned the credit for one million pesos in January 2018, now owe almost 1.5 million pesos.

The Purchase Value Unit (UVA), Adjusted indexed credits, December 31, December 31, 2006 pesos. In early 2018, the value was 21.15 pesos.

While the YUZA grew by 46.9 percent, the Indek Wage Index grew up to 26.2 percent per year.

The issue became more serious for those who got into debt before the final devaluation in August. The debtors suffered last year's inflationary acceleration. Last quarter, the share of index loans was 16.29 percent. In six months, the rise is 27.8 percent.

It should be mentioned In December, a change in postponement in Buenos Aires Legislature's bill of billing protects UVA mortgage debtors.

The rationale party made the debate in the last minute and proposed to work on a new proposal. Of these, they say they were delaying the proceeds, because if approved by the project, the party will recognize that the credit system is different.

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