Three new cases are "suspected" from Havanawis in a few


The "Daily Contingency Report" signed by the Chubut Mountain Chief Hospital, Ricardo Jimnez, to which TLL has access, says "With an Epidemiological Record Three Suspected Cases, Compatible With The Handavirus Which Are Isolated, In Output Follow -Up with good evolution ".

Several registered five cases confirmed by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases "Carlos Morbrin", confirmed by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, of which one is fatal, two are still in the intensive care room, another was in hospital. Ordinary room was discharged and the rest was exhausted last week.

The authorities of the Ministry of Health require the presence of a specialized team of Nasin who are expected to arrive in the Cordillera about mid-week, to create a strategy to fight the disease that reports every year, although in low frequency, Specialists will join.

The most common form of epidemic is the virus that transmits the small reduct "oligorizomis longicaudatus", known as "long-tailed rat" in the mountain range, an area where it especially proliferates in the flowering period of Kaala Kolihue , Which is very favorite food and generates a plentiful seed in the flowering stage, very rich in nutrients.

Once in the human body, high-purity syndrome, pneumonic syndrome, muscle aches, cough and headache.

After a few days, respiratory problems harden and evolve in serious conditions that, if not controlled, can cause death of patients due to respiratory failure or shock, when the lungs are filled with fluid, in a complex situation for hospital authorities because there is a Specific treatment.

Source: El Patagnico (Cambodia)

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