They warn that the dollar could close next year around $ 51.5


Among the causes of a slowdown in the rise of the currency, Ekolatina said that the real exchange rate "is not behind," so its up-to-date pressures would be more limited. In addition, he held that The scheme of the zone of non-intervention exchange would limit disruptive dynamics.

In any case, the consultant is identified Possible tents around the value of the currency. The main ones will have to do with the approach of the elections and the uncertainty surrounding the next president. In addition, he pointed to the problems regarding repayment of debt, which would also increase the rate of pressure on the exchange rate.

Another one of the projections has to do with these Rates of public services. Although there is no information about possible increase after the first four months of 2019, increased in water, electricity and gas at this time. In short, Ecolatina predict a growth between 32-33% in 2019 With the inflation, since the political intentions of the priming party, corrections should be made to reach the financial requirement agreed with the IMF (keys for the repayment of the assimilated commitments and provide exchange stability).

For its part, in 2019 the Formal salaries Will begin this year with significant increases as a result of the revision log imposed in many community negotiations this year. In addition, this will include the own negotiations of 2019, whose "high season" will be in the second quarter. However, as a result of "the fall in demand and a deterioration in the labor market, only a portion of the claims can be satisfied." Therefore, formal wages They would exhibit a 35% rise next year, Registering higher rises as the dollar and public service rates over 2019.

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