They renewed a meteorological warning for severe storms and an occasional drop of hail in the city and the conurban

In addition, there is a forecast SMN predict moderate winds from the east and a temperature that will last from 21 to 26 degrees.

It is expected that "there will be an abundant drop of water in short periods of time, abruptness, strong electrical activity and an occasional drop of hail". the rest of the Saturday and until dawn on Sunday 11, as reported by SMN.

Southeast of the province of Buenos Aires and the center and south-east of La Pampa have already been released from the alert, but the north and the center of the province of Buenos Aires, Cordoba, the south and the center of Entre Ríos, northeast of La Pampa, still operate. , San Luis, the south and the center of Santa Fe, the autonomous city of Buenos Aires and the Rio de la Plata.

As a result of the meteorological warning, the Buenos Aires Government has announced a series of worlds for city residents and drivers:


– In case you find a waterproof street, do not drive after it.

– Do not place pots or plastic chairs and remove those installed in windows or balconies that can be dragged into the void due to wind, causing unfortunate consequences.

– Be very careful about traction lines and any element that can cause risk to third parties.

– Provide elements that are in construction work such as slabs, bricks, struts, etc.

– Do not operate electrical equipment that has been in contact with water.

Do not throw away cans, bottles or other items that can block drains or put waste on public roads, in unauthorized times and places, as this causes serious disadvantages in the normal drainage system.

– Always place the waste in the packaging and do not leave the bags on the road, because they could cover the sink.

– In case of strong winds or in rainy weather, avoid moving in forest areas.

– Do not touch the bright columns, light boxes or any kind of cables that may be on public roads.

For drivers:

– Always use the seat belt.

– Extreme safety measures when driving the vehicle. Remember that rain reduces visibility and the braking distances vary according to the usual weather conditions.

-Circulate at reduced speed and always with the position of the lights on.

Meanwhile, for Sunday cloudy sky is expected, probability of storms and moderate winds in the east. The temperature will fluctuate between 20 and 25 degrees.

Monday will be followed by probability of precipitation with regular Easter winds that create shocks and a temperature that will range from 20 to 23 degrees.

For on Tuesday There is also a likelihood of rainfall from the northeast and a temperature that will fluctuate between 19 and 23 degrees.

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