They paid more than $ 3 million for the most expensive bluefin tuna in the world


The auction was especially because, in addition to providing the historical market for sale, it was also the first annual held by Toyosu's new market for the popular market, the largest fish in the world last year. Old place in Tsukiji.

The price of the copy 278 kilograms (The kilo was about $ 11,150) and caught on the Aomori coast (North), the largest paid for any Tuna in Tokyo's central market since 1999, when figures are available.

It exceeds the record of last year's copy that was auctioned at $ 1.4 million.

In addition, it begins to be a tradition that Kiyoshi Kiyomura, Owner of the popular range Zanmai SushiAnd the one that receives the copies of the property at record prices.

It is traditional that, in the first auction of this year, high prices are reached in Tokyo (normally the Tuna's Cologne is paid in the capital market at a maximum of 80 dollars), but this time a new record is Was expected the first time it was done in the new Toyosu site.

Kiomura was the highest bidder in seven of the first eight auctions of the year since 2011 and he held the 2018 record.

The entrepreneur, from the age of 66, is looking to get media attention, as he believes it is cheaper and more efficient than hiring a great advertising campaign to resonate with his business.

"I didn't expect the price to rocket so much this year," said Kyomura. "We have already bought an excellent tuna and I hope customers will enjoy it," he added, as reproduced by the local news agency Kiodo.

The fisherman who captured the specimen was identified as RICHY FUJUDA, 64, who also commented on his surprise at the value paid.

Even the governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, held that the result of the auction supposedly "a huge push" for the new Toyosu market.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government decided in 2001 to move Tsukiji market, in front of Tokyo Bay, to Toyosu, an artificial island located on the estuary itself.

A tragically controversial move that was delayed with the discovery of toxic substances in the soil from Toyosu, which originally housed a gas plant and had to be decontaminated at high cost and effort.

The transport was finally completed 17 years later, in October 2018.

The tuna auction is one of the tourist attractions of existing Tokyo, and the new market will open its doors on January 15 to see the movement of the market of purchase and sale.

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