They imposed Hugo abuse in the grounds that investigates the foreclosure invoices & # 39; In the Tourism Road – 04/12/2018

The president of the Actq, Hugo Mazzacane, Was struck by the federal judges of Quilmes in the last hours, Luis Armella, Who researches A cause for tax evasion In Motorport. This is the case after the raid on the road "Roberto Mouras" of La Plata, where the agent of the AIPIP and Prefecture found invoices The band has been featured by Claudio Gómez and Heber Russo, Arrested and invested for money laundering and a millionaire fraud to the Treasury.

Justice seeks to establish the responsibility of the actor in a network that sells appointeal invoices to pilots, companies and public bodies (municipalities and governors, among others) and that defines the affiliate for more than 5,000 million pesos from 2014 to the present.

Armella suspects that this band can not perform its operation without being fully responsible for the category, so it has charged the riot on yogurt at La Plata last Friday, 23 November.

At the request of the Platonet Autodrome, which is the property of MazzaKane, were found invoices from the band Gomez Y Russo. The ACTC's president was imputed in this case. Judge Armella will participate in the next few days the means of control and debt control of the autodrome at the time when the mission is its director.

The impatience to mazacake is news that surprises even more after the bug issued an explanation after the request. The entity said that "after a thorough review of all the offices of the establishment, as well as all the computer support that was in place, the search had a negative outcome, a situation that was ratified in the court record. "

The idea of ​​†<†<advances and motoring was in the center of the scene. The band of Gomes Y Russo, leaders, pilots and team owners are in the sights of justice. And it is speculated that in the coming days there will be more news.

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