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Some 7,000 santa fe people were diagnosed and receiving antiretroviral treatment, but there are some 3,800 people who lead the virus and do not know it, according to a projection of the STD and AIDS Provincial Committee.

In the city, the awareness-raising activities are carried out. On Friday, for example, free tests are made in the urban Esplanade. Photo: The Coastline

World damage to sickness They estimate that there are 10,800 people with HIV in the province of Santa Fe about 7,000 people in Santa Fe are diagnosed and get antiretroviral treatment, but there are some 3,800 people who carry the virus and do not know it, according to A projection of the Provincial Ethics Committee and AIDS. Some 7,000 santa fe people were diagnosed and receiving antiretroviral treatment, but there are some 3,800 people who lead the virus and do not know it, according to a projection of the STD and AIDS Provincial Committee.

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35 years after French violinist Luc Montagner and Biochemist Françoise Barré-Sinoussi identified the human immunodeficiency virus (2008) – Achieving Nobel Prize in 2008, AIDS continues to be a challenge for the global health system with more than 36 million cases detected (1,800,000 New infections every year), especially in the most poor regions of the planet, such as the African continent. In the province of Santa Fe it is estimated that there are 10,800 patients who are infected, according to a projection of the Provincial Committee of STD and AIDS.

In an interview with Al Litoral, Damian Lawarello, coordinator of the committee, said that there are about 5,500 people receiving antiretroviral treatment in the network of hospitals and health centers of Santa Fe-the Nation Delivery Medication, about 900 more Patients from Japan And about 600 people who have coverage of social and prepaid work. "There are 7,000 patients in the province diagnosed, but it is estimated that there are between 3,500 and 3,800 people who do not know they are infected with the virus," he said.

You have to read

The trend is similar to the national level. In Argentina it is estimated that there are 130,000 people with HIV (between 120,000 and 135,000). 70% are diagnosed and get treatment; And 30% no. It is a major factor, because in people who take the medication the viral load is undetectable and the chances of transmitting the disease are considerably reduced.

"At present," LAVARELLO insists, "HIV infection is a chronic illness with a very easy treatment, usually only one tablet per day." We have patients who have taken the medication for 25 years with very good results. "
It is a very different scenario as the one faced in the mid-1980's and it is important to end the stigma, discrimination and prejudice that persists for the decade. But we do not have to prevent prevention: a topic that affects sophafesinos doctors is that for a few years the cases are not concentrated only in the largest cities – Rosario, Santa Fe, Rapela, etc. – but they are also detected in smaller cities, Like Seres, Florence and Tostado, among many others.

There are two Central Prevention Strategies: The condoms that are effective in protecting the virus and against sexually transmitted diseases are no matter how many "Dudes" are said and early detection to avoid the risk that a contagious seller

World Health Organization Photo: Infographic – El Litoral.

Vertical transmission

At Santa Fe there is another positive fact: the vertical transmission of the virus in pregnancy is less than half the national average. "From 140 annual donors from HIV, there are 2 or 3 transmissions per year in the province, a figure representing 2%, an average of 5% of the national", said the official.

In this case, the detection of the virus is the key, because when it occurs in time, it allows the delivery time to be very low, even undetectable. Therefore, two tests should be done during pregnancy and also to the couple. The tests are also performed to detect syphilis, chagas and hepatitis B.

"In the case of syphilis, which grew in the province, it is essential because there is a risk that the baby will die in the womb if the mother suffers from the disease. Unfortunately, there are about seven cases of this type per year , Said Lawarello.

With the guard down

It is a trend that treats Santa's doctors who work with HIV patients: The use of condoms relaxes, and this is why the syphilis and gonorrhea detection is also growing (see boxes). In relation to HIV, when they acknowledge a case, sometimes the man is surprised and says the things as "funny, I have not heard about the disease for a long time".

This is another significant point in Argentina that the system works efficiently when a positive case is detected (medication is of quality and flows) but there are almost no prevention campaigns to avoid new infections-as they are done in the 80's. And 90 – – Do not go out actively to try to detect the virus – with people who have been infected (with some exceptions).

At Santa Fe, at the beginning of the epidemic, most cases have been detected among people who have sex with other people. Therefore, the contagion between the heterosexuals was skyrocketed, because in the first group there was a much more realistic perception of risk, and each one of them protected. Now, the enormous progress in treatments may have influenced – believe some doctors – that the jolly community takes less care – too heterosexuals – and more cases are rebalanced.

Addiction is another challenge. People who use cocaine, derivatives and other drugs tend to maintain more difficulties in suspension treatment, which is effective in 90% of cases.

A recent issue, which prescribes the doctors in the teams, is that people with advanced AIDS cases continue to enter hospitals and have lived for up to 8 years with the undetected virus, which means that they are able to ignite dozens of couples In all those years. years

Syphilis cases tripled

In 2011, 3,875 cases of syphilis were detected and last year the number increased to 11,709 patients, according to the Ministry of Health of the Nation. In Santa Fe there are no official figures, but doctors recognize that there is an increase in cases.

Symptoms usually appear 20 days after the bacteria (Traponyma Palydum Spirochete) enters the body. It starts with little sores – that do not hurt – in the vagina, penis, oral or anus, which disappear without treatment.

Six months later, body rash, heat and hair loss could be frightened. If the disease is allowed to progress it can lead to blindness, dementia, paralysis and other serious illness (including death). If the disease is detected, the treatment is not complex and antibiotics are effective in controlling the bacteria.

They ask that the G20 get more involved

Dr. Pedro Kahn, a Scientific Director of Fundación Hué spe, explains that if 90% of people with HIV knew their diagnosis, adapted to treatment and kept their viral load unrecoverable, it is possible to control the epidemic of HIV / AIDS in 10 years.

"This is the responsibility of world leaders and it is not an impossible goal, since most countries have tools such as testing, treatment and improvement in the lives of people with HIV," he said.

"In the last decade, the G20 did not include Hiv in any of the official documents, but it is mentioned in the document signed by the Ministers of Health at Mar del Plata, in 2018, and in a completely declarative manner, Said Prime Minister, president of the Huispedia Foundation, who is also the co-ordinator of the G20 Global Health Group.

"The role of the G20 will be essential in the design of concerted actions to confront Haiti in its member countries, including the contribution of financial resources to support the response in low and middle income countries," said Dr. César Núñez, Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of Onusida.

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