They discover an ingenious genetic trick to eating without getting fat


Probably this is the dream of the majority: Eat everything, including fats, and not win a rhyme. However, not to be worried that for now this is in the field of experimentation and learning that scientists at the Medical Center of the University of Southwest Texas conducted a group of Mice Genetically modified

Together with other research centers in the United States, Chile, Australia and South Korea The incidence of a particular gene ("RCAN1"), which functions as the enzyme regulator called "calcineurin 1", key in the functioning of the Metabolism.

Beverly A. Rotmelmel and her team for 25 days, for those rodents who have been made The genetic mutation to eliminate this gene, which is very rich in lipids. After this period of "fattening", they are able to confirm that the mice I didn't gain weight, Not increased your body fat.

They didn't record this Inflammation of adipose tissue, Common in cases of diabetes caused by obesity. The scientists found that these processes occurred because of the absence of the gene rapidly the metabolism, increasing oxygen consumption and the production of carbon dioxide.

The elimination of RCAN 1 It would also help to burn lipids and increase muscle energy consumption. This would fall because, at a molecular level, the genus would inhibit the conversion of white fat (the one that stores lipids) into brown or brown (the one that burns lipids to produce heat) would also block energy consumption. These functions are ideal at the time (like during wars), what food was cheaper, however, in our days when the reverse occurs because dyes provide more energy than we can use to function our body, they support generate overweight and obesity .

The investigation must continue to know if the process derived from the deletion of the RFC 1 Jin, It also occurs in humans.

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