They destroyed the house of Cacho Castañe, while the singer was interned


After hospitalization, Cacho Castaña was known at Sanatorio de Los Arcos, Palermo, at least one culprit who robbed his house in Olivos yesterday without compromising any kind of lock. And while she was surprised in the kitchen of the apartment, he managed to escape. He wore a precious loot in the backpack: $ 25,000 and a Rolex watch.

"Cacho is well recovered, but he still does not know anything about theft," his news agency Leticia Gourdin said. The musician entered the clinic with a bronchial image after he temporarily interrupted the commitment to discomfort on Saturday, which would be the last warning. During these hours, his development was expected after the doctors performed rigorous studies.

Years ago, Café La Humedad was disturbed by uncertainty, which, together with "lack of work and education", was the biggest problem affecting the country. "There are people who are very bad and all this worries, there are many uncertainties," he stressed.

On October 12th, Chestnut was the last public appearance when he attended the birthday party organized by Guillermo Cóppola in Tango Porteño. The singer was accompanied by his wife Marina Rosenthal and his friend Matías Santoiani.

One day later, referring to the clashes of the celebrities on Bailando 2018, Castaña left a statement that sparked controversy and could have been a worthy complaint to the National Institute of Women. "We have to turn mines into mines, youth is a disease that eventually heals, wait for the tail to diminish …" said in the radio series Marcelo Polina.

Doubts, for now, fall on the singing area. The investigation of the case is in the hands of UFI Vicente Lopez, in charge of Attorney General Alejandro Guevar.

When the news was published, Baby Etchecopar approached the house of his friend and neighbor of the northern district. "I have the same news as you, who you infected the house, took everything," the journalist said at the same time, explaining that they forced the entrance door of the music house.

The Baby version is in contrast to the first ones that indicated that the thief had a key and would not force the property door. "This must be locked," he added, pointing to the door to the chestnut house.

When asked about the version that thief would enter the construction site nearby, he replied that the musician had "already had problems with this work". "Some time ago, I came to eat and said," Two guys with a motorcycle went to the building, "he said.

"Here is Villa Melo, it is clear that they waited until Cacho was hospitalized, there was no one, there is a villa that is very dangerous, where all the criminals come from," he added to the TN cameras.

He also claimed that Cacho "had guitars, microphones and all of his history there". "You have to see what's left," he told a journalist who explained that the maid who saw the perpetrator was running away from "an old and reliable woman".

"We are accustomed here, now it's Cacho, but it's normal to rob it even when you get out of the car, it was normal with the previous mayor, now this mayor has given many police orders, but still", he continued and stressed the uncertainty neighborhoods.

"It's an ant, go to Villa San Lorenzo when everything is in Cach," concluded Baby Etchecopar.

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