They condemned MESSI's father-in-law for work abuse

They condemned the father-in-law of Lionel Messi for work abuse. José Roccuzzo has to pay 2 million pesos to a woman who worked for 20 years in his company.

As he explains Bernardo Larroux, The lawyer employee, the judge Susana Perkins He understood that his client was the victim of mistreatment and harassment at work.

"The litigation began in 2014 from a 2012 working relationship that arose after a series of events that determined that the employee was given a farewell, with the facts of the host tending to disrupt the changes in schedules and abuse in order to force it To a resignation, "he explains Larousse to the "Zysman 830" program of La Ocho.

"The justice took into account all the malicious and unjustified changes that were", The lawyer added.

"She is an administrative employee of 20 years in the company, the oldest of the company, which is open from Monday to Friday from 8 to 17. But from one day to the next, the plan is changed and sent to a warehouse. Assigned work with the same plan, "he said.

In addition, the lawyer is qualified by the exemption officer because it also caused moral "He condemned to make a moral compensation to the employee."

According to the larvaux account, this occurs when there are "circumstances Psychologically affect the person with an entity So that they are responsible for it and prove that this was done. "

As for the amount you must pay Roccuzzo and Hijos and Pascual José Roccuzzo, The lawyer assured that the number worked by the amount of years worked, except that it was framed in an administrative category lower than the work that it did, "the moral damage was just 30,000 pesos more"He said.

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