They attack Jimena Barón for bathing her son with Mauro Caizza and she answered super spicy


Jimena Barón He was once again in the eye of criticism. Which began as a fun episode in the full family design between his son Momo. Mauro Caiazza And she ended up with some bad comments from her followers.

The actress has a string of pictures in it You see them all sharing a toilet, soapy. However, the photographs were harshly criticized by many of his followers They interpreted that Kaiaza was naked in front of Momo.

Immediately, Baron went out to cross the word and through his Twitter account he launched: "Brass, swimsuit, swimsuit … My boyfriend is not naked, Salamis, that's my, I don't share it with my son".


Cinthia Fernández and Lourdes Sánchez, with the top plugs against Jimena Barón after her outburst

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