They arrested the woman who was with the journalist found dead in a temporary shelter – 04/12/2018

Police arrested on Tuesday the woman who, as identified, was with the journalist Martin Lykata In the Flores lodging hotel where he was found dead at the end of November.

Martyn Licata, the journalist found dead in a temporary shelter.

Martyn Licata, the journalist found dead in a temporary shelter.

According to police sources, there is a woman who I could be a minor This is 17 years old, and she is arrested in her home in the city of Bernal. The detention was in charge of the Homicide Division and the Cybercrime Division of the City Police.

The sources explained that he found the woman still A tracking of security cameras They depend on the government of Buenos Aires and also those that are installed by merchants near the temporary shelter of Ramón Falcón Street. The pictures taken in the area of ​​the hotel allowed to identify the clothes of the woman, who according to police sources ran out of the room, and by cameras not so close could identify the face of the young woman, Paraguayan Nationality, According to the sources.

The death of Lycata, who was 27 years old and was Finding handcuffs and hanging. A piece of wood encircles his throat and produces a brand of Townivet, next to a kind of rubber braid. The autopsy confirmed that he died of "mechanical asphyxia due to compression."

The case was invested by the Prosecutor Marcelo Roma, of the National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor's Office No. 3, and by the National Court of the same Jurisdiction No. 29, by Karina Rodriguez.

The journalist Martin Licata was together with media such as Contrainfo and La Batalha culture. In many cases, he signed as Yakir or Martin D 'Amico.

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