They arrested a police officer killed by a bullet in his face


A new case of femisidis, this time in Cañuelas. A woman, a member of the Buenos Aires police and student nurse, was killed by a bullet in her face. In fact, they have refused their partner, also a security force member.

The victim was identified as Romina Elizabeth Ugarte, from 26 years old, Which is part of the force since 2014 and served on the local Patrol Command.

The crime occurred near Noon, at a house on Esteban Echeverría Street at 2200 in the liberal neighborhood of the city, located about 70 kilometers from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Police sources reported that 911 troops from the first police station were alerted by 911 about a firearm's detonation in that house. When you come, They found the woman lying on the ground.

On the property was the official's boyfriend, identified as Nicolás Fernando Agüero (27) And who worked in the first section of Cañuelas, although he was currently operational.

After the first investigation, the man was arrested – and so Not affected by its functions– Like Suspended his girlfriend's suspicion during an argument that was launched during lunch.

In the field, they abducted Aguero's Bersa Thunder pistol.

UGARTE and AGUERE studied at the Higher Institute of Education and Technical Education 43 in the city of Lobos. They started the relationship a short while ago, although they did not live together.

The incident was categorized as "misrepresented" and the case is left to the prosecutor. Lisandro Damonte, Of the functional unit of the Instruction (UFI) decentralized 2 by Caulus from the Judicial Department of La Plata.

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