They are storming this Friday in Missions, recommending not to leave their homes.


The arrival of a strong / severe storm is expected at noon today Friday over the south and center of missionaries Argentina. It is expected that the phenomena may cause damage so it is advisable to avoid leaving your house if it is not necessary.

Low-pressure systems would cause showers and storms, especially in the evening, and some cores can generate isolation of sacred and strong rays. It is expected that at the end of the day, the arrival of a cold front will cause a drop in temperatures from south to north of the province.

Precipitation: 35mm for the South, 20mm for the Center and 18mm for the North.

Temperatures: in descent. The maximum expectation is 33ºC in the port of Iguazu with 38ºC of thermal sensation and the minimum of 21ºC in San Francisco.

Saturday, January 19:

The cold air entrance would cause some morning drafts in the few millimeters of the province and then definitely improve in the evening.

Temperatures: nice. The maximum points in the province are 28ºC in port Iguazu with 30 ° C of thermal sensation and the minimum of 19º in all.

Sunday, January 20:

A strong dry air load will guarantee a Sunday with good weather in the area, low humidity in the afternoon but in high-light radiation.

Precipitation: No refusal is expected for this day.

Wind: predominant in the South, with a slight intensity up to 15Km / h.

Temperatures: barely warm in the afternoon. The maximum expected is 30ºC in Eldorado with 33 ° C of thermal sensation and the minimum of 18ºC in Campo Viera.

Source: General Directorate of Early Warning under the Ministry of Ecology and Renewable Natural Resources of the missions.

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