They are all Christina Christina Confessions she has made in her book – 05/05/2015


One day after the presentation in the company of his autobiographical book, sincerely, Cristina Kirchner He received the Friday's first criminal complaint for one of the confessions he was transcribing to.

The lawyers and leaders of the Republican front, Yalta Santoro and Jose Magioncalda They accused the former Justice Justice of incompatible with alleged crime crime negotiations with public functions. It's for being admitted Increased public spending in 2015, by a figure equivalent to 1% of the crude product, Optionally its candidate for president, Daniel Scioli.

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On page 323 of the book, Cristina argues that "The reason for the growth of a point in the deficit during 2015 was not just because the previous year was a bad year for the economy – the dollar has appreciated and the dollar has fallen Cost of commodities – but also because In view of the presidential elections, I decided to increase spending"

Next, he says: "A little degree: I'm very amused by those who say I don't make any effort for science to win the elections.I increased the financial deficit by 1 point of GDP to inject resources into the economy! My God! …How some do nothing but repeat what they read in Clarin And The Nation"

The leader of the force promoting the candidacy of Dariolo Lepididou at the Buenos Aires government headquarters consider that this "constitutes the ill-founded in Article 265 of the Penal Code, in chapter 8 of negotiations incompatible with public functions".

"Will be repressed with imprisonment or imprisonment of one (1) to six (6) years and perpetual special disqualification, the public official who, directly, by instituted person or by simulated act, will be interested In the interests of their own benefit or of a third party, In any contract or operation in which it intervenes because of its position ", the article says, according to the transcription of the complainants.

The cause is left to the federal judgeThe Ariel Leo And the office of the Prosecutor Federico Delgado.

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Christina loads with Eleven prosecutions By corruption, of which in five cases the judges raised the respective files for an oral trial.

An Interesting Fact: The Multitudinous Act of Presenting Sincerely in the Books Fair that Occurs in the Grounds of La Rural Science hit the miss.

Former Cambiemos leader Yamil Santoro said "it's a crime Doesn't necessarily require the National State to have its damage, in its results, Especially because the financial deficit is a structural problem that affects Argentina ".

The former candidate for the City legislator added that "we are facing An unusual case when an official recognizes that he has other reasons than the general interest to make a government decision And that is exactly what sanctions the art. 265 introduced to the Penal Code by the Law of Public Ethics. Cristina, in her literary verbiage, recognizes a very difficult crime to try in another way.

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