These are the 6 chilling differences between the movie Bird Box and the original book


There are some details that criticize the fans of bird box production. The fact is, the original book keeps chilling secrets that aren't captured in the film.

Production of the new flares, Bird Box, He took all the looks. Not only the popularity of the protagonist, Sandra Bullock, but also the various challenges on the film. And I have a record in the platform: more than 45 million visits over time.

Bird Box Based on Joshua Malman's 2014 novel, and some viewers are not satisfied with the story. Therefore, they have tried the original text for more information on this plot and found some differences.

SPOILER ALERT! Don't read if you don't watch this movie yet.

1. Miller's sister: Unfortunately, the character was the first indifferent one Bird BoxDied by the character of Sandra Bullock. In the novel, the sisters return to their homes, and spend months waiting for the apocalypse. The protagonist is finally forced to leave when Shan accidentally sees a monster and commits suicide in the bathroom.

2. Tom and his anticipated game: The initial scene from the film shows us only with the children, without Tom. In this book, he is the survivor leader and has no relationship with the protagonist.

3. Super powers of children: brought without the knowledge of the sense of sight, boy and girl (named after the author) are described in the book with "deep senses" to help fight the child. For its part, Netflix production does not give any indication that children have no special power.

4. Rack's Sanctuary: The current adaptation sees Malorie to leave home and go to bed. Instead, in this book he gives a Tom death when Malorie is at work. Tess give birth, contact you back. It starts a four-year trip to train the little ones and find their shed.

5. Finally, the highlight of their story is that Malachi and the children come to the sanctuary. In the book, the place is occupied by the survivors who have been blindly blinded. On the contrary, it happens with the film, which gives the twist the start of a blind spot for the blind.

6. The Rapids: In the text, the stream is listed as "a lazy walk". On the other hand, in the film it was decided to mix both things a bit.

The true end of the bird box was not released by Netflix for its realism

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