There are already six Dengengs in Paraguay


Of the General Health Surveillance Directorate of Paraguay, about 3 new cases of deaths due to Denggue were announced this week. With this in mind, there are 6 deaths attributed to the virus so far in 2019. The cases were identified in Alto Paraná (2), Amambay (2), Kauagazu (1) and Central (1). The deceased are a woman and five men, between 30 and 70 years old.

The Health Surveillance Director, Guillermo Sequera, said the figures were vicious and said that in the coming weeks, the epidemic could spread due to climatic instability.

According to the figures released by the Ministry of Health in the country, the Dng reached 3,493 cases, which were at several Departments such as Alto Parana, Amambay, Itapua, Cauagazu, Central, Guaira, Cordillera, Paraguarí, San. Pedro, Caazapá, Canada, Conception and President Hayes.

"Some 1,500 cases are registered at Alto Paraná, 1,000 are from Amambay and the rest are distributed in different departments," Sekvera said. The numbers compile the situation in the province of missionaries if one takes into account that Puerto Iguazu, Puerto Libertad and the Wanda border on Paraguayan Alto Paraná, the region with the largest outbreak of the disease.

In addition, in the office of Itapua, in front of the city of Posadas, there are 248 cases. They also reported by the Ministry of Health of Circulating Circulatory Symptoms: "-4, predominant in most departments, followed by Den-2 and some isolated cases of serotype" -1.

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