There are already 29 cases of handavirus linked to the epidermis outbreak


EThis morning the Chubut Province of Health Ministry confirmed the appearance of a new case of Handavirus linked to the epidemiological outbreak in the city of Epiphany.

The infected people are 29 in total, of whom 10 have died, and other 4 are assigned to the Esquel Sun Hospital; 3 in intensive therapy and 1 in the ward.

According to official information from the Chubut Ministry, the new case reported that the patient was still under the selective respiratory isolation home of Trevelin and was referred to the Zonal Esquel Hospital.

It was also detailed that two patients classified positives were discharged during the day yesterday (17/01), one in Barilote and one in Esquel. With which, from the start of the contingency, a total of 14 patients discharged medical in the context of the outbreak

The 38-year-old woman who developed favorably at the local hospital will return to her home, where she will complete the time of isolation with her family. It was noted that the case was not specific to the province, because the woman was in contact with handwire carriers in Epué, in the Esquel hospital.

The measure of selective respiratory isolation of effective home care continues, reaching an estimate of 100 people.

Information about the virus and prevention

The handavirus is transmitted through contact with the urine, nourishment and excreta of rodents infected with the virus. It may also be transmitted from person to person by close contact with patients in the initial period of the feral episode (first 48-72 hours).

The symptoms of handavirus are fever, muscle aches, chills, headaches, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and advanced stages of respiratory distress.

If you have a fever and suspect that there is some environmental exposure to rodents, or were in close contact with a case of Handavirus, consult your doctor at an early stage.

Save the rest. Do not attend public places.

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water

Avoid close contact with your community.

Ventilate the environments inside your home.

Complete the cleaning of your home with a bleach solution (one well in a bucket of water)

Keep the environment of the house clean and tidy.

Use bleach to disinfect and lighten before; No less than an hour the environment remained for a long time; And carry out rural tasks with clothing, adequate shoes and respiratory protection with chinstrap or handkerchief.

In the case of camping, choose a spot free from weeds and do not sleep directly with the grass; Respect the indications of park rangers and rangers, signage and health personnel; Walking enabled trails, with appropriate clothing and footwear, avoiding places with weeds.

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