Thelma says to her sister, "They're trying to use it to delegate"


After that it was known The testimony of Carla Lescano, My sister Thelma pelt, that He said he did not believe Nothing about the report of rape that he made Juan DarthésAnd revealed she was abused, the actress chose silence and thought about how to approach the situation. And now he decided to go out and give his answer in an interview with Andy Kusnetsoff Dogs on the street.

"We are changing a paradigm, but it's not standing, it's healing the word. One needs to add words to something that makes it tangible. But it is not Boca-River, "the former Angli duckling relate to talking to different people's positions.

Produced specifically for her sister's speech, Thelma said: "It hurts because my sister is another victim. And the worst part is that they are trying to use it to delegate something. But somehow she also helped him because he could count his pain"

"My mom is very strong, but still my sister tells me, my mom is also a victim.", In relation to the abuses lived in the family.

"For the judicial matter, It is very hard to tell someone to be encouraged to speak. It's hard to get a free sponsorship, and if you get it you're afraid it's not up to the cause, "despise everything that involves the legal process after making the complaint.

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