The Xiaomi Redmi 4 and 4a start to get Miyuyu 10


Xiaomi has started deployment updates for one of his best sellers. The Xiaomi Redmi4 and RedMy4A are beginning to get MIUI 10. That is, do not wait for the latest version of Android, as they are still anchored in an Android version two years ago.

MIUI 10 arrives at the Xiaomi Redmi 4 and 4a

It may seem odd, but the Xiaomi Red Army 4A was a while the best selling Xiaomi. Its secret lies in being absurdly inexpensive, its performance reaches an acceptable level of quality. It was a mobile that arrived two years ago and still obtains updates, though, probably not as the Android user appreciates.

The two phones are receiving MIUI 10, the new version of the Xiaomi customization layer. This layer includes a series of novelties, though for the update, Xiaomi wanted to highlight the following:

  • New visual redesign: MIUI10 has a new visual style that is faster and more immediate, as well as designed for all screen terminals. The latter did not have much value in the Reds 4 and 4a, but indeed the aesthetic changes have brought a more modern touch to the system.
  • New sounds: Sounds based on nature. Xiaomi says that we will never hurt them, but to know.
  • Artificial Intelligence for the camera: Portrait mode comes with mobile devices. Perhaps the most interesting part of the update.
  • Some applications are redirected.
  • The system is better optimized.

Update MIUI, but not Android

Keep in mind that this update is only for the customization layer, something that is very common in the Chinese manufacturer for years. Although the most modern phones if they are updated by Mojo and Android simultaneously, in its senior terminals it is not the case.

The Android version is still Android 7.1.2 NouGat, so the features that depend on new versions of Android will not be present. Perhaps the most important thing is the update of the security patches, something that we consider to be of greater importance. In the case of the Redmi 4a, the patch remains as of July 2018, but that of Redmi 4 is updated as of October 2018.

If you want to install the version on your mobile, Xiaomi has already posted the factory images on its website, where if you follow the steps you can install it without much difficulty. We leave you the left, although our recommendation is that you are waiting for the OTA update, which will require 316 MB of site to download on your mobile.

On the other hand, if the movement of Xiaomi with the Android updates seems odd, we recommend reading our article which explains how the Xiaomi updates work.

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