The two teams that hold Marcelo Gallardo thinking about the superfinal – 04/12/2018

River and Boca count the hours before the postpaid superfinal. They will leave this Wednesday to Madrid, though at different times. And before, the clubs adjusted the last pieces for the Supercláicico which will be played on Sunday, 16.30.

Those led by Marcelo Gallardo trying this morning at the monumental, where they were divided into two groups. One performed regenerative tasks, but the other had tactical activities.

Meanwhile, these Doll stopped Two teams One with five defenders, similar to the one he set on November 11 in La Bombonera: Armani; Montiel, Martínez Quarta, Maidana, Pinola, Casco; Enzo Pérez, Ponzio, Palacios; Martinez and Pratto. The other one came closer to the proposal that he was going to make in the monumental day of the incidents, with the entrance of Noto Fernández by Martínez Quarta.

In addition, Juan Ferruccio Quintero and Rodrigo Morada worked differently, although they intensified their training. For his part, Ignacio Scocco performs ball exercises and will wait until the last moment. Luciano Lollo, Nahuel Gallardo and Cristian Ferreira also practiced separately.

The next training of the Millionaire It will be Wednesday, at 8.30 in the monumental and behind closed doors. Later, at 14, the squad will travel to Madrid in a charter flight from Ezeiza. In Spain, he will stay at the Eurostars Madrid Tower Hotel (where Boca has been planning to stay) and will train in the Madrid Real Madrid sports stadium, about 10 kilometers from the Santiago Bernabéu Station.

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