The terrible Cleavage of Shakira was surprised everyone


An indiscriminate Paparazzi managed to take some photos from Shakira where you exhaust the glove that looks like those who are breathing

If there is something that characterizes Shakira It's your hips and your sensual swaggering.

The artist of Barranquilla turns her fans crazy and crazy, who can not look at her, when she gives her free dancing. The videos from her last tour that accumulated more reproductions in the networks are in what she leaves ships her hips as she just knows how to do it.

But Shakira He also has other weapons to attract his followers. His peculiar tone of voice, for example. Or simply the lyrics of their songs. Also, its sympathy, naturalness and self-confidence in its public appearances. But there is something else.

Although not usually famous about it, the singer also has an enviable box volume. And though it does not usually flutter it, it is sometimes possible to see that here the coffee maker & nbsp; It also has important strengths.

So it happened in an act which came with a topical naval, vertigo, seldom seen in the South American artist, partner of Gerard Picque.

That day Shakira She made an appearance with an intimate photographer friend who portrayed her pregnant. But if there was a camera that took the big prize, it was the one who had the paparazzi on duty who took the following photographs.

Some of them stand out for the corner of what they are taking and why the author of the photos took all kinds of praise. And it is not usual to see Shakira With a hatred with which "teach everything".

As some point out, Barranquilla has nothing to do with all those who have passed through the operational room. And this is Shakira He may be famous about it as much as he does with his hips. Or as Jennifer Lopez.

They shocked Shakira by the image of her tail: "Is she?"

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