The spyage of Marcelo Bielsa took the sports papers – 01/16/2019


To give real dimension to the category of Marcelo Bielsa as a coach is enough to describe what was on Wednesday. The Argentine runs a team of the second part of English football. And on a day when he didn't even play his team, he became one of the most important sports figures in the world.

The cover of the sport supplement to the sun.

The cover of the sport supplement to the sun. "I hit all the teams"

This was demonstrated by the social networks that catapulted him to the first place in the trending Topic worldwide. Yes, the second-part press conference Koch is the subject of the most "talked about" on Twitter.

The cover of the daily telegraph sports supplement.

The cover of the daily telegraph sports supplement. "I lived and spy."

And the matter continues, of course. Because it will continue to debit these spies on the rivals, which is justified and endorsed by Belza, and which causes noise in the English soccer community. Meanwhile, the major British media echoed the eye-catching conference of the fool in which, in addition to providing his armies, he did not see any disappearance by sending spies to his rivals, giving a chair of detailed knowledge of each of them. That their lips face in the tournament they lead.

On the cover of the Daily Telegraph sports supplement, Bielsa is portrayed as James Bond, the famous Agent 007 with the title "Live and let spy".

The son has also provided cover for his sport, in this case, with the graphics of Austin Power, a crazy spy.

Marcelo Bielsa called the press on Wednesday for an urgent conference at which, according to British media, was set to commit his resignation to the front of Leeds United of the second. But these are not the reasons. In the end, Al Loco wanted to propose his separate statement on the spy scandal that was generated last week.

Bellza was in the eyes of the storm after discovering a spy sent by him in training derby county for a few days of facing him. Because of this fact, the League of England opened an investigation and went crazy about it.

"What I do is not illegal, we can discuss whether it's okay or not. I know that not everything that is legal is right, and that there are many things that are legal and not right, I have noticed all the rivals this time ", Assured the Rosario. And then he has shown in a projector how he analyzes rivals without the need for training. He even showed that he analyzed some 52 previous games for Derby County and other rivals.

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