The sorkisidio by Laurita Fernandez, on the fame of "Complicated" by Kebra: "When I met him I had a prejudice and realized that nothing to see"


The protagonist of Sugar He talked to Intruders About his engagement with the actor, who is an extension of the press.

Lorita Fernandez talked about her engagement with Nicolas Cabret in intruders

The romance of Nicolás Cabré And Laurita Fernández It was one of the "bombs" of 2018. Far from hiding, the couple is super sweetheart and the gallant, always reluctant to talk about his private life, public representative of his love for his ex-partner of Sugar.

Invited to a mobile life Intruders, Lorita spoke of the great sentimental present that they go by and from the attitude of the gallant.

When the journalist Damian Rojo He tells you that Cabre's ex-girlfriends didn't talk about their relationship, as she did in FacesShe said, "She was very natural, you also know the limits, and it is good to maintain the logical intimacy. So that's the money, we relax in every way and live a normal life."

"The truth is that when I met him I had a prevention of how he could be saved and I realized that nothing to see, I loved him"

"It also happened to me that I never expressed something like that with such certainty because it is the first time that I have come to feel that I am. I also have another security and another tranquility. "He added, happy.

So, Guido Zaffora He asked if Cabre was more comfortable with the press thanks to him: "I do not know, I do not think, I do not think I am responsible. He makes me very happy, and if I make him happy, and happy, He's great. The truth is that when I met him I had a prevention of how he could be saved and I realized that nothing I had fallen into it"

"I think he was complicated before and today he is different, he also has a daughter and I guess that makes you change"

"Is there a prevention or anyone telling you it's complicated?" Adrián Pallares. And Laurita acknowledged: "It was a prejudice. I used to see his novels as a girl, it's not that I thought he was old, but I saw him at home and they always said it was complicated and so on. With him one of the best experiences I had and when I met him personally, I think he is complicated before and today, and has a daughter and I think that makes her change. "

Exactly about this link he had with Rufina (4), the daughter of Cabre and the China SuárezAnd what it is like to go out with someone with a child, he confessed: "It's a combo! It's like this. I already knew you because she came to the theater a lot and I talked more with her than with him. (Laughs.) So it was a resolute issue. "

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