The son of Gisela Bernal is upset and with his new look, Super is similar to Francisco Delgado


Jan, son of Gisela Bernal and Francis DelgadoHe was 6 years old. Little was left of the baby with big blue eyes he presented on the track Dancing Still caught in the middle of a scandal: his mother was finished in the consortium that the father's real father was Delgado and not Ariel Devan, As everyone, including him, believed.

The truth is that time passes and Jan It's huge! He has even undergone a change of look Reconcerto and now … is very, very similar to his father. A photo is enough to warn that they have many features in common.

On the other hand, Francisco Delgado He is the father of Elenita, Fruit of his romance with the dancer Barby Silenzi. The little girl was born in July 2017, when the model has finished a reality show.

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