The reason that many patients lie to their doctors

December 4, 2018

Surprise the amount of physical activity that is done, lie about eating habits, minimize bad habits or pretend to understand what a doctor tells us Are the most common lies in the doctors office. Often, patients know what they should say to the doctors, but they still inhibit and release some issues. What is the reason?

The University of Utah conducted a survey of 4,500 people. The majority claimed that it recognized that it could be dangerous for their health not to tell the whole truth to the doctors, but they also assured that they were legal because they wanted to avoid being judged.. The figures indicate that more than half of those consulted ever delay information from doctors because they feel ashamed.

On the other hand, a good percentage of the people who answered the survey assured that They feel upset when the doctors give lessons about harmful behavior They are not ready to modify or execute despite knowing its consequences. The main reason is explained by Angela Fagerlin, Professor of Health Sciences at the University of Utah and author of the study: "Most people want their physician to have a very good picture of them."

"For a patient to hide information about what they eat or about taking their medication can have important consequences for their health, especially if they have a chronic illness", Says Andrew Levy, co-author of the investigation.

In any case, the work also gives the doctors responsible at some points: "Many times, the way doctors express themselves can make it hard for patients to open up and feel more comfortable in consultations", Faganlin explains that a second part of the study will be taken to determine if patients are more sincere with trusted doctors, that is, with those who have been treated for years, or if the treatment of information Risk of health) also goes beyond that barrier.

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