The president of Alvarado denounced: "They wanted to sell me a referee"


Rio Cuarto's students, Tiger Tiger, said in an audio later that he was disillusioned with the rise of his team, and he spoke Alvaro as one of the aggregate propaganda caused by arbitration arbitration cases that led the Cordobans. Campaign.

Wenceslao Méndez, president of Alvarado, spoke in Infocielo and in principle a change came down: "We give it too much drama, I see it with different eyes, I know the president of students (Alicio Dagatti) is not going to say something like that that ". He says: "Students have a great team, a style of play. You tell me if I saw dubious plays if I saw, but there was a nice line too."

"During the championship a guy came to sell me a referee and I sent him to hell. The guy has complaints, cells influences and never loses. It is contacted by representatives, it calls you or crosses you and sells you. "Set 200 lucas and if the team wins you don't see it anymore and if the team loses you in something and return it to them, never lose. That guy has complaints but moves in all categories," said Mendez about some management that Forgotten N in federal egg.

In the end, he saw a lot of dignity: "Technology has been solved, Luis Olivetto (the first referee) was convinced that this could be much better, with technology and if the leadership of the referrals required it more and more. More ".

Photo: Physurart

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