The Platan Center is "armored" by protests against the Buenosairean budget 2019

Strong police presence in the area of ​​Legislature. There are several streets of the microcenter cut so that walking is a chaos. March of the councils and social organizations to protest the bill

The zone of the Buenosaurian Legislature is "armored" since the day today the government will look for the approval to the budget 2019. The 7th Avenue is cut with fences to the height of the street 50, first in the lane Go to Plaza Rocha and then in both hands, to the possible sources of incidents, since it will be killing to protest against the initiative. Also, neon they cut the area of ​​8 and 53 and 9 and 51, so it is almost impossible to travel.

The area was filled with police, so a large number of troops were strengthening the security of the site. There is a climate of tension so some businesses decided to lower the blinds.

The session, which will be the last of the year and planned for last Friday but was abandoned to coincide with the G20 Summit held in Buenos Aires, will begin at 14 and, in addition to the budget, the income from The Impositive Bill.

Guilds such as Ate, CTA, Judicial and Cycle Concentrate from the Noon in the Plaza Italia to go to the Plaza San Martin with the aim of protesting the budget that the government of the governor Maria Eugenia Vidal will seek to approve of a session Promises to be spicy will be added to the protest that teachers are conducting an open radio in the framework of the day of unemployment called for today.

Even Lakchers have presented a Judicial proposal for a "possible repressive action" by the police forces. Therefore, there will be a day of tension in the area of ​​the Buenos Aires Legislature.

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