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The plant of Balcarce alfajores called a crisis-prevention procedure – 23/03/2019


The alphanumeric plant Balkarse has submitted a crisis procedure For the Ministry of Labor. How things will be done in the next few days, a hearing will be called to decide what will happen to 100 company employees.

If the Labor Ministry approves the opening of the preventive procedure, the company and the workers' representatives can negotiate new working conditions without massive layoffs or when the company closes. When done, Balcarce will request that it be enabled Suspend workers at least eight days per month.

Balkarsse is a Marplaten company with 70 points of sale throughout the country. It specializes in producing alphabets, puddings and desserts.

In 2018 there were 108 orders for prevention of crisisMarch 25, 2017 and 53 more than in 2016. In total, from 2016 to 2018, 246 crisis prevention processes were registered, according to a CEPA report (Center for Political Economy Argentina).

Among the companies that have recently requested the procedure are the airline Avianca from argentinaThat stopped flying more than a month ago and presented the contest earlier this month. Too Cordobesa portal, co-founder of Fernet 1882, Entered into the competition this week for a $ 1,100 million debt. From the company, they argued that the judicial presentation is due to "financial difficulties as a result of the situation" that the company has 137 years of life and 500 employees. Aires del Sur, manufacturer of Electro air conditioners, Is another of the firms that benefit from this benefit.

On the situation of Balkarse, Jose García, Pastelos' Trade Union Secretary, said in radio statements: "The situation comes from May"" The company paid the drawer workers and they only paid them June. They owe it a bonus and increases the last couple ".

"The truth is that it doesn't live up to the critical reality that one lives today." Companies fall one by one Then, the loss of employment sources translates. Over the past six months, I have been launching various disabilities to combat the debt relief, "Miguel Guglielmotti, general secretary of the local central labor force, conducted the new site 0223.

"From now on, you have to be very attentive to nature and maintain what guilds have," added Gugelelmoti.

Look, too

Meanwhile, Martín Navarro, a factory worker and a confectioner's confectioner, revealed to the Minuto Uno portal that the crisis situation is not new to them since A year ago they receive paid salaries in installments, You owe the current salary, the June bonus, the bonus planned for the sector last year and the peer increases.

"In the crisis procedure, The company asks factory workers to suffocate eight days a monthBut we claim that it should be reduced to the smallest possible amount ", Navarro said "Keeps the jobs".


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