The pictures of exclusion | A domestic employee …

After the departments that North Northeast workers were not allowed to travel in the same group that the owners use, a domestic employee recorded with her mobile phone the moment she was forced to get off the bus and confirmed, in fact, the reasons for the Demand that a group of employees decided to make a decision when they picked up the place due to discrimination, in mid-November, as Páginaire 12 was released. "I take orders from the company," was the driver's apology when he told the woman to get out of the vehicle.

In this video, it was seen to prevent the Internal Team 309, from the company Margo to which two women went up, neighbors from Norddal. When the service climbs, the driver of the Combi warns him: "It's coming (referring to the transfer in which the employees must travel, which was supposed to come later), is in the golf, I'm really talking to you." Worker was away from the bus, the driver tried to inform one of his colleagues to show that he was not lying.

"That's what they are doing. They live discriminating against us," the woman says angrily and tells the driver that she is filming him. The man tried to be justified and argued that it was Margot's decision not to let the employees share the transport with the residents of Norddal. "I keep company orders" was the driver's apology.

Last month, PáginaI12 announced as residents of Nordelta put pressure on the company MaryGo to prohibit domestic employees who go to work in the city-city to use the same buses as those who live there. "Kompañer as, have heard their patrons say they did not want to travel with us because of our way of dressing, because we talk a lot about our daily lives, because some talk Guarani and because we have a bad smell," Marta, domestic employee, complained to this media.

About the video, Nicolás Pasqualini, CEO of Marigo, assured that there is no discrimination. "The driver speaks to him correctly and explains that the car is complete and that the combo which internal service is in the previous neighborhood." In fact, this person could travel in another car, "he said, although the film does not hear the The driver says there are no seats available. "It's likely that it has a lot of idle seats, but that's because the service that goes to the capital has an online booking system and the people who go up have a code, there are many neighborhood links to wear," he Address the newspaper.

Northward only enter Combis from the company Margo. The internal combat makes a route that runs from the center of Norddelta to the avenue 197, where the workers take the line buses to go to their homes. The other combis make the same route, but continue to Puerto Madero. The employees indicated that they were not permitted to travel to the bus that came to Cuba because they were used by the city's residents.

According to Pasqualini, the difficulty that domestic employees have found in the combat that comes to Puerto Madero reside in the system of passages used by each. To travel to the capital, it is necessary to reserve the seat by the company's website. Each passenger has an alphanumeric code that indicates the time and the corresponding seat. "We have some employers who buy the type of passages of employees," said the CEO.

In the case of internal combis, where most of the employees tend to travel, Pasquali said they work "in order to arrive". "We gave the Norddale some association with the Nuclear Issues Association," he explains. It is the Association that vows the tickets in the neighborhood so that the owners can buy them. "After that we collected for the amount of passengers transported," he reported.

Pasquali also said that internal combos operate under the entity of services contracted by the Neighborhood Association. " "They should hire as much bus as people who need mobilized, they hired less than what is needed and what is that strain is generated," he said. The CEO of Marigo said that "it is not our spirit to discriminate against anyone". "We have been working with Nordelta for many years and we want to take everyone in the best possible way," he said.

But she also admitted that in the internal combat, the workers traveled up due to the high demand that the service took during peak hours.

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