The photo by Benjamín Vicuña with the actress of Vis A Vis, Najwa Nimri, who generated a spray of swindler comments

This Tuesday, the actor Benamamin Vikuña Proudly shared photos of his participation in VIS a VIS, The Spanish series that premiered its fourth season.

But a picture that Fox Spain appeared from the red carpet, which took the last myckolaes, It has a furor in social networks and can complicate the good relationship With her partner Eugenia la China Suárez.

In it, Vicuña is seen as a buddy of Najwa Nimri, The Spanish actress who plays the villain Zulma Zahir in fiction.

Some followers of the series left the actor exposed with a photo "Compromising" Who have feedback on this type: what are you looking for?

When Vikuña went to the Chaina suires and her daughter Magnolia to Spain, A sound began to rage and pointed out a supposedly agonizing Argentine actress for a dinner that your partner held with Nimri.

Recently, the press photos are used by some headaches to the actors.

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