"The penalty for the river must be strict because then I will do it again"


The first player of River, Andres D 'Alessandro, referred to the incidents that were taken at the end of the Libertadores Cup, Which ends up suspending the superfinal that must dispute the millo versus Mouth. The "Cabezena" was one of the best players out of the River Infeaters in early 2000, but then decided to start his career abroad and recently returned in 2016.

It was on that occasion D Alessandro Won the reconstruction of the Comebol 2016 in the hands of Milo against Santa Fe, as well as the Argentine Cup which put him in the conmebel Libertadores 2017.

In addition, the player himself was with the roster Nez A few weeks ago, when Marcelo Gallardo And his men were in Porto Alegre in returning to Gremio for the Semipinal of the current Conembol Libertadores.

However, the former player of the band, did not go with laps: "The penalty for the river must be strict because then he returns"And he adds," It's a picture that seduces me, because I want to say good things about Argentina, but it's a reflection of the society, "the porto offensive midfielder was amplified.

Finally, I found:I feel sorry for people who can not watch the game, and more in Doha, in Qatar. Not everyone has that possibility"

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