The particular gift of Guillemina's teenage daughter


The Guillemina model has shared a video on her social network with the special gift of her teenage daughter.

Many times being the son of a celebrity is not an easy task, and some can even change their family in search of their own way and identity, especially when the scope of work is similar to what they were doing. Parents.

But none of this could not happen to the teenage daughter Guillermina Valdés Leaving his gift away from the modeling clues where his mother was parading.

Do you change the number? Guillermina Valdez showed her new project

The little girl is seen in a large park, with a perfect green lawn but not for anyone, but for her and her gift, accompanied by orange boots. In the video captured by Marcelina Tennelli, the little girl is seen Little games With the technique of a professional soccer player.

The actress's video became a viral phenomenon and rapidly surpassed it 467,000 views On Instagram and received more than 463 comments, some users even wondered if the girl was already signed into a club, which has a women's soccer team. Others even scared to joke, "It's a little better than Marcelo."

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