The new Samsung Galaxy A8s is the first Samsung-based camera


Now the bets are given by Samsung. Meanwhile, the brand seeks to be a pioneer in the mobile telephony sector in order to recover its leadership in the market, not just in sales, where it seems, but in image.

The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy A7, a mobile with three cameras, was publicly available. However, there are already models like that. To counter the case, the brand decided to represent the Samsung Galaxy A9, the first with four rear sensors.

Now he hopes to repeat the move with the Samsung Galaxy A8's, which would be the first of its style with a front camera integrated into the screen and, in theory, the first on the market, though Honor has presented the HONOR View 20 , In an event in Hong Kong.

Part of the features that make the new Samsung is a terminal that is characterized by a mid-range feature but with high-end details. It also has the Snapdragon 710 processor, a chip that is not used much and which shows more than 800 series as the 600.

The two mobile configurations have the same internal memory of 128 GB, but the RAM variables, with a 6 GB and 8 GB variables, are somewhat more typical than the average.

The screen is 6.4 inches and it integrates the front camera. The use of the perforation in the panel allows Samsung to do without the edges of the screen and the notch, something that the brand has not embedded at this moment.

In the case of the terminal battery will be 3,400 mAh and will have Android 8.1 Oreo series, using the Samsung interface.

Although it may seem that this model has two cameras behind and a LED flash, you should look carefully to see that the flash is the outline of a third sensor. In fact, the flash is under the module with the three sensors.

In this case, the brand is committed to a major sensor of 24 MPCs and a phone, an optical zoom of 10 MPCs. In addition to a third sensor of 5 MPCs for intense measurements, it is very important in portrait mode.

In front of it there is a single 24MPC sensor, which is the main feature of the screen that is integrated into the upper right corner of the screen, which allows a screen / front ratio of almost 100%.

According to the web portal El Español, this model will be available in blue, green and gray in China, the market to which it is currently oriented. Dec. 21 may be posted although there is no definitive sale date or price of its two configurations.

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