The mother of Facundo Moyano died


Elvira de Los Angeles courtesy, the mother of deputy Constituent Moyano and lawyer Hugujo Moyano, died this Friday in the town of Mar del Plata as a result of a heart attack.

The wife was the second wife of the truckers' association, Hugo Moyano. "My old lady was in the Iron Guard, it was a very vertical organization with Peron, she told me about militancy, I remember that in 95 I would be nine or ten years old and I went out to paint with my brother Hugu & # 39; Chao Menh & # 39; On the walls"Facundo Moyano recalled in a newspaper interview quoted by the newspaper La Capital de Mar del Plata.

Alvarado Club broadcast in which "deeply relieves the death of Elvira the Los Angeles court and accompanies the former president of Fasundo Moyano for the irreparable loss of his mother at the harsh moment." He also announced that on Saturday the club would be closed due to a duel.

The Club Athletic Club and DeArcian Commioneros, cherished by Pablo Moyano, also broadcasts a tweet in which "he conveys his consolations for passing by Mrs. Elvira de Los Angeles corridors, the mother of the national deputy Fasundo, Moyano and Hugo Moyano (H). ". Pablo Moyano is a brother of Fassundo and Huguo.

Daniel Llermanos, a lawyer from Hugo Moyano, has expressed his consolation: "For the loss of his mother who died today," my army and my condolences to Facu and Huguito. It was reported that it will remain sealed in the town of Mar del Plata.

Elvira Angel's Courses have a relatively low profile. But in November 2016 he used his Facebook account to express his wrath about journalism for those versions about a romance between his son Facundo and Susana Giménez.

"I'm tired of listening to gossip, this issue is bothering me and it makes me feel bad." I always knew that in many cases journalism was stupid … Facundo said nothing to Susana Giménez, could be her grandmother"The woman said on that occasion:" They want to put him as a perilous, Facundo is educated and lying and he has already said what he had to say ".

Soon after, he tried to contend. "There was no intention of attacking Mrs Suzanna Gimenez. When I said that & # 39; it could be your grandmother & # 39; Is a mathematical question, because I can also be my grandmother's grandmother because I loved it"He said in a dialogue with FM Delta.

And he closed: "I am proud of my daughter, I do not have my son given it as they have said in some programs. And I'm sure he doesn't date Suzana. "

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