The most unusual viral: to take with the toilet toilet paper


January 18, 2019

The new trend begins to get followers in social networks. With this effect, using the roll of toilet paper, the faces resemble the shape of the moon.

Toilet paper

After the great impact of the first challenge of the year # 10Earchallenge, This new trend threatens to be among the favorites of users of social networks. Far from involving any uncomfortable or risky situation, The new challenge is to publish a photograph using a roll of toilet paper, pretending that your face is the moon.

It all started with a "Meme" They explain that photographing themselves with the scroll can be the moon. Then a US There. Page Buzz Feed He published some images and quickly this challenge began to be viralized.

How to do this? You have to put a roll of toilet paper at one end to put your face in the other you put the camera. In this way, your face will become light and the picture will be dark due to the presence of the scroll. Taking the picture of your face will be a natural satellite that is the planet Earth.

Roll toilet paper people

Many people have already joined the new challenge using HotHags: # Toilet paper roll And #moonselfie By entering any of the key phrases you will find a large number of faces "They'll be the moon".

But like a viral challenge, no one wants to stay outside, so they've added some pets who exposed their faces in front of the toilet paper toilet.

Roll toilet paper animals

A decade ago he hit the rock and was encouraged to publish his # 10 juggle that shocked everyone

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