The monuments and buildings of Buenos Aires are illuminated in tribute to Diego Maradona Chronicle

The government of the City illuminates monuments and facades of Buenos Aires buildings with the colors of the Argentine flag, in honor. Diego Maradona, Who died Wednesday at the age of 60, the Buenos Aires administration said in a statement.

The lighting, which started at 7pm and will end at 6pm, will be repeated over the next three days.

The Argentine flag will be reflected in the obelisk, the cabildo, the may pyramid, the planetarium, the monument to the spaniards, the monumental tower, the faculty of engineering, the usina del arte, the lezama palace and the plaza de los dos. Conferences.

It will also be at the Puente de la Mujer tomorrow and Friday, and at Florali Generica tomorrow. Also, the legend “Thanks D1EG0” It was put on about 110 posters in the streets, subway lines and highways in Buenos Aires.

The flag hoisted half up to the Plaza de Mayo (Télam).

The head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Announced a duel for the next three days at the City.

In those days, Both the national flag and the flag of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires will remain raised on half mast in all public buildings of the Buenos Aires government during the mourning days..

Buenos Aires Monuments

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