The markets calm down, with a strong rebound in Wall Street and euphoria in Brazil


The decision not to raise, for now, these rates have affected stock markets and benefited our country's assets

The markets calm down, with a strong rebound in Wall Street and euphoria in Brazil

For Wall Street the words of Jerome Pavell operated as a balm / app

Vlas Street, after his debacle on Thursday, bounced strong yesterday – even Nasdaq came out of the collapse – thanks to a well-stocked US market builder. There. And a letter from the Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Pavell, who brought peace of mind financially and became very good news for the Argentine economy, which is reflected in a 4% rise in the volatile index and a one-hundred-point fall in risk. Week.

So, after falling about 700 points on Thursday, yesterday the Dow Jones rose by 3.29% and advanced 746.94 points to 23.433.16 units, while the D&P 500 rose 3.43% or 84.05 points, up to 2.531.94. On the other hand, the composite index of the NASDAQ market, where major technological groups are listed, rose to a notable 4.26%, 275.35 points, reaching 6,738.86.

The technology sector led the rebound in the markets, with firms such as Intel, which rose 6.14%, something unusual. Apple, for example, reached a rise of 4.27% yesterday after falling almost 10% on Thursday. But all the corporate sectors finish green, with technology (4.40%) leading the gains ahead of the communications sector (4.06%), the material sector (3.91%), the industrial sector, 85%, and energy (3.58%).


In this context, the Latin American stock exchanges registered yesterday with a day of strong profits, with San Pablo changing its third-largest maximum in the first days of the government of Jair Bolsonar. Investors' confidence in a liberal economic-economic president, like the ex-military bolsono, has led to a rise of 0.30% on the 91,840 points, absolute record for the biggest, yesterday. Latin American stock market.

And immediately, Argentine papers, like those in the local market, were released, and in New York, in London, because at least for the moment, the possibility of a new Federal Reserve Reserve course was cleared. .

The massive index rose 3.98% and, in the first week of this year, improved by 6.64%, while dollar-denominated currency improvement drove a drop of more than 100 basis points in the country's risk – the worst by the JP Morgan – in the End of the day yesterday in 729 units.

Argentine stock, currently, shot up almost 8% on Friday, where the major indexes recovered from a sharp drop on the previous day, thanks to positive employment data in the US. It added optimism for the proposed trade negotiations between Washington and Beijing next week.

Among local securities, the major increases were recorded by transportado de gas del Sur (7.8%), Finance Group Banco Galicia (7%) and Mercado Libre (6.3%).

The main dollar is closed with significant rises. The 2024 Bonar rose by 0.8%, the 2020 BONAR was 0.6%, and Argentine's discount 2.5%. Meanwhile, its versions that operate under New York law rose up to 2.6%. In this way, after a year (2018) very bad for local financial papers, 2019, was accused of positive data and favorable expectations.

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