The leaders of San Lorenzo armed among themselves and almost finished the pineapples


The meeting of the San Lorenzo Board of Directors this Friday, led by President Mathias Lamt, did not end well. While debating different topics of the club (including the situation of George Almiron, who would keep the coach in a few hours), the situation became very rapid and some members began to discuss. They are about to reach the pineapples.

San Lorenzo goes through a bad time. Complicated in the football aspect and with some friction in the directional situation, the present of the cyclone is Vorisam. Although it is qualified for the second round of Copa Libertador, the fact is that there are issues They are not doing well.

The circuit of George Almiron at the helm of San Lorenzo was a resounding failure and the leaders are already looking for other options for coastal substitutes.

How you can confirm All Passion With leadership sources, the idea of ​​President Mathias Lamb is to reach an agreement with the coach and finish everything with a mutually agreed rescission.

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