The journalist Rajo Sabio died "Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The journalist Rajo Sabio died Tuesday night at age 50 still unable to recover from a pneumonia that took him in the last months.

The death was communicated by the Facebook Account of Barrilete Cósmico, a radio program that has indicated an era in the Del Platea radio station.

Smart is a journalist and specialist in shows. More precisely, he made cinemas in different radios and journalists portals of the city about cinema, premieres and classics.

Experience by survei pneumonia, last June, Sabio is admitted to the General Interzonal Hospital of Agudos and his relatives started a campaign to relocate more than 20 stray dogs he had accepted.
Sage is straining for more than two months in intensive therapy, since the disease has also caused its diabetes, which led to a "bad evolution" according to his relatives.

After the aforementioned time, sage recovered and received medical discharge. However, he suffered a relapse and in the last days he had to be hospital again, until he was always.

Rumor, born on March 15, 1968, he studied National Voice at the University of Theology. In Mar del Plata, he worked on cancer & pop and metro stations, among others. One of the highlights of his career was his role in the radio program Barrilete Cósmico, which he performed with Pablo Vasco, Esteban Salinas and Luciano Carrera.

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