The hot photo of Lizzie Tagliani that revolutionized the networks! | Daily show

From missions and with the incredible landscape where you can admire the Iguazu Falls, Lizzie Tagliani revolutionized social media With his last post in that She was encouraged to pose very sensually.

In accordance with her style, the driver sought to be fresh, original and authentic He appealed to his great sense of humor to be sexier than ever. Wearing a black bodysuit in the hotel pool, the comedian captivated all her Instagram followers with her latest post.

Smiling, she showed her curves and joked: “Lizzie Tagliani lit up the networks with a hot photo …”. But far from the joke His fans were quick to react And the post reached 80,000 “likes” in just one hour.

“I die, I’m a 3cv who dropped the chassis and dragged me Fernando Colombo To lift the claw jaaaaa “, Closed nice and funny.

In addition, she received dozens of comments from her loyal fans who praised her for her figure. “Oh girl that sexy. You’re a genius”, “Goddess” and “Beautiful” Were some of the articles he garnered, including Argentine celebrity figures such as Veronica Lozano E. Pedro Alfonso They left great words for their friend and colleague.

Lizzie visits one of the wonders of the world with Marley To record a broadcast of “Por el Mundo”. Throughout the week, the comedian shared some of the best moments of the trip, like when they were entered by the driver under one of the most impressive waterfalls.

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