The government has opened up the energy market for households to sell the energy they get from solar panels


Once funding and regulatory details have been discontinued, individual households can now play a role in the market for renewable energy. Starting from the rules of the law as of the Friday in the Official Gazette, a user who generates energy from home from renewable energy sources can inject it into the general distribution network and in return for an appropriate credit line for the benefit of electricity.

On Friday, the text version published in Official Gazette No. 986 permits the installation of distributed generation equipment, such as solar panels, for the "production of electricity from renewable energy sources by self-consumption and injecting excess electricity to the distribution grid".

In order for the new regulation to come into full force, the Energy Secretariat still needs formal regulation. After reaching, in the 2019 draft budget, with half a sanction of $ 500 million in MEPs a special fund was devoted to subsidies for the purchase of electricity for the production of electricity from solar energy systems.

The big energy sources explained: "The investment will not be repaid for more than 7 years," in the Buenos Aires region, while the provinces such as Cordoba or Santa Fe, the time is 3 or 4 years.

"This is austerity and energy efficiency, this tool provides citizens with greater autonomy and freedom and thus saves money on their own account by telling distributors about their energy surplus they are not using," he added. officer. "This law adapts us to the world, puts us in the position of a developed country," he added.

The government mentions that the "distributed generation" feasible in residential buildings, SMEs and industries. Hopefully, they will increase the efficiency of production processes and encourage the creation of skilled jobs by deploying distributed production tools.

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