The glamorous dress of the pregnant bride who makes a furor in networks


A bride who is pregnant, wearing a beautiful dress on the day of her wedding. Look at the picture!

The bride's posting with her partner
The postage of the woman with her partner

The Girlfriend Pregnant, who just got married, has elegance chair with her hypnotic dress. This is Karlie Cardino, the director of cosmopolitan beauty, who has been using repairs in the networks for his impressive appearance.

The pregnancy of Girlfriend It is advanced, but that is not an impediment to wear a beautiful dress for the wedding. The model is siren cut in white, with a pronounced necklaces. It also looks comfortable and does not trim your chest or belly. And he accompanied it with a simple hairstyle and hoops.

The day of the wedding
The day of the wedding

The lucky boyfriend is Giovanni Waccaro, artistic director in Glamskwad. He chose for this special day an elegant dark suit, with white shirt and black tie. Both of these Girlfriend Like the boyfriend they knew how to dazzle with beauty and elegance.

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