The game that competes with Netflix and worries parents


January 18, 2019

For a year, this video game shows parents, captives adolescents and adults. And this is the biggest competition of the number one streaming.

Netflix's biggest competitor is not another content-generating platform, but the Fortnite Battle royal, a video game that has as many users as the number one streaming.

"We gain consumer screen time, at by mobile and TV, with a huge number of competitors. We compete (and lose) with FrontNite more than HBO (…)."Is the message from Netflix shareholders, according to the Web

What is this video game about that parents are so much like?

Addictive and free, it is also a concern for parents. Many, define Fortnight Like an example that happens to their children and what generates dependency.

Local specialists, according to Infobae, Reload the damaging impact of the video game and explain that it is not the objects that generate addiction but the predisposition and labyrinth of the individual who takes refuge in the object.

To add more edges to the phenomenon, the World Health Organization (WHO) last month was the cause of the parents: defined the addiction to video games as a mental health disorder. In other words, he included this new international classification of diseases.

Fortnight, Is a real battle and survival type game, developed last year by epic games. There is a lot of individual strategy and collective support. According to the parents, he established a new form of self-absorption and even exceeding, by its two versions, Fortnight save the world (payment) and Fortnite battle royal (free and most used).

In the virtuality of the game, indicates InfobaeStarting on an island as these stages progress, they can be almost infinite, though smaller and smaller spaces are available. However, in fact, the player remains confined to the game screen, PC and, to a lesser extent, the cell phone is enthroned (it is available for iOS and will soon reach Android).

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