The fun way a wedding was found to share housework


January 5, 2019

While some couples take turns, Disney or evenly shares the chores, man and woman found an interesting method.

Several couples They turn to do the chores or they agree to divide the tasks directly from home, But this couple found a more fun way: Playing Mario Cart on his son's Nintendo.

A user of Reddit He shared the history of his parents, who have been playing daily since 2001 Mario Kart To see who makes the tea, does breakfast or some other work.

It is about the user u / bork1138, Who shared a picture of his mom and dad playing a game of Mario Cart for Nintendo 64, Explains that every day, his parents compete in the racing game.

Also, the young man explained that his father always chooses Toad, While his mother changes Wario For the fashion Battle And Yoshi For Grand Prix He also showed that they were normally playing a round Grand Prix And then who wins 2 out of 3 races in it Battle Will send the other to do the appropriate job.

As noted Barrow 1138, The game of Nintendo 64 It was a gift from his parents to him in these Christmas 1999, But they took them over the console over the years.

Some users of Reddit They do not believe that the publication is true, so Bork I decided to share another catch from his Instagram In 2014, when his parents were seen playing almost the same position Mario Kart 64, To show that it is an everyday act.

"They both know all the tricks, to the point where a few years ago they agreed not to take shortcuts or cheat because they would start arguing"He confessed.

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