The Eternal Vigilant of the Parents of the Swedish Tourist Who Lost a Leg in a Theft – 05/01/2019


"Christoffer is better and in good mood," says Anita Persson Gyllesnston. care. This Saturday in the parents' face there are signs of relief and a place for some smile. Doesn't move from Argerich HospitalWherever they carry a constant vijale as possible with Christoffer.

Meanwhile, researchers are working to identify the thieves who were involved in the assault on the computer developer, committed on Sunday at 23.20 in Takaro, Venezuela. The victim went with his wife with whom he went to Argentina to spend the holidays. You already know that There are threeOne of them was armed down – and covered with a cap – and two complications waited for the silver gray Peugeot 207 to which they escaped.

Christoffer Persson (36) and his wife, Maria Izzo. They traveled to Argentina to spend the holidays.

Christoffer Persson (36) and his wife, Maria Izzo. They traveled to Argentina to spend the holidays.

The machine It would have headed southAccording to the route, it can be reconstructed with other films. Now they are trying to improve the video image of the assault recorded by a security camera in the area to identify the patent number.

One of the witnesses of the assault told the police that the assailant who shot Christian would be a peruvian and would be around 20 years old. "There is no other example on the other hand than the statement, which may be false," said a spokesman for the case. Clarin.

Researchers have been struck by the type of attack, in an area where they claim that this type of event is not frequent. "Or is it a common robbery in that area? It seems more like a situation of three criminals who went to something else, saw the victim with the cell phone, wanted to take the opportunity and escaped in this battle because he Didn't end up taking the phone when he fled, "the investigation said.

This Friday, Christoph is visited by the City's Deputy Chief of Government, Diego Santilli, who is also in charge of the Ministry of Justice and security after the departure of Martin O'Campo. As you may have known Clarin, Santilly went to "make himself available" to Christoffer and his family. "He was very happy and happy." Grateful to the police and doctors "Whoever took it, and this is surprisingly the positive attitude of Christopher, despite the fact that he needs to live," said an official.

On Friday, the intensive-to-mid-range tourist tour continued to evolve favorably from leg foot. Surgery was necessary since His life was in danger For the damage he suffered at his or her right femoral artery. Between Sunday and Monday, Kristrofer made three operations in which he had a pass, and he tried to put down a prosecution, a burglary, to which he did not respond.

Doctors advanced that although he can be discharged at any time, he must be at least ten days in the country. "Over there next week We can go to visit La Bombonera"Defended Jorgen Persson, father of Christoph.

This Saturday they went to eat with his wife Anita and his girlfriend Maria Izzo (35) in the classic bar La Perla de Caminito, in La Boca. It's up to Jorgen L.They gave away a ballet Xeneise and leaders close to the club tell him about the possibility of visiting the stadium and meeting several players.

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