The dollar jumps 42 cents and approaches $ 39 (reaches its maximum in the year)


In the wholesale market, for its part, the United States. There. Currency Claims 28 cents to $ 37.78, So Move away from the non-intervention zone floor, set at $ 37,523. Earlier, he hit a maximum of $ 38.

"Demand for currencies is very active since the beginning of operations" Explain in the market.

The $ 30 million cash comes on Wednesday and $ 190 million over the past five business days to keep a local currency revaluation.

In the area, for its part, the US. There. Currency rises, albeit more moderately than in Argentina. For example, In Brazil, it advances 1% to 3,7698 rissey; While in Mexico, it claims 0.7%, as in Colombia.

In the informal market, in turn, The blue opera stable at $ 39.25, According to the survey of this device in downtown Buenos Aires caves. In turn, the "Contado with Likhi" rose to $ 37.62 on the eve.

Yesterday, the currency traded in the Mulkou Re-entered "Non-Intervention Zone" After a week of product The demand for coverage is growing, And a new one Interviews with the BCRA, This time, about the closing of the day.

In the single and free exchange market (Mulk), the US. There. Currency Increased 40 cents to $ 37.50, Already in the non-intervening volume.

Unlike the last few days, we noticed "Constant demand" Throughout the day by part of Foreign banks, that They sought to cover positions of investment funds abroad, They explain at the cash tables.

"The fast route has been installed early with purchase orders undermining the quote justifying successive increases that, with few withdrawals, remained until the end of the day", Described an operator.

Just missing 10 minutes for the final bell, when the currency is trading around $ 37.40, The monetary authority announced a new auction, the fifth in a row, to buy another $ 30 million.

This intervention pushed the price up a little more: the banks immediately sold the currency at $ 37.50, The closing price is beyond the market Until then, it operated below this level.

At the same time, the BCRA endorsed New marginal cut in the 7-day Lelic course, which averaged 57,542%. Likewise, Awarded 164,097 million, except they matured $ 155,303 million, With a maximum rate of 57.7499%.

"The easily decline adjustments in the interest rate, which serves as a reference to the market, and the official auctions seem to have rectified the evolution of the exchange rate temporarily taking it to a region more in line with the central bank's forecasts" Commented on the analyst Gustava Quintana.

Finally, the Central Bank reserves They grew US. There. $ 144 million to US There. $ 66,164 million.

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