The dollar drops 15 cents to $ 38.60 (wholesaler approaches the floor of the area)


In the wholesale market, for its part, The US There. Currency falls 13 cents to $ 37.58, so it approaches the floor of the non-intervention zone, putting today at $ 37.55.

In the informal market, in turn, the blue opera stable at $ 39, according to the survey of this resource in downtown Buenos Aires. In turn, the "Contado con Liqui" rose yesterday at $ 37.62.

Yesterday, with a new coverage and tune demand for the region, the dollar rose 27 cents and scored its fourth consecutive advance without central bank intervention for the first time in a week.

Anyway, the ticket cut the strong increase recorded at the beginning of the day when it reached $ 39 ($ 38.95), but slower seller replenishment limits the bullish correction.

In the wholesale market, for its part, the United States. There. Currency rose to 21 cents to $ 37.71, so it moved away from the non-intervention zone momentarily, set at $ 37,523.

For something the monetary authority did not need to engage the dollar, as it did in the last five sessions (it bought US $ 190 million).

It happened at a time when the country's risk reacted and drilled again the 700 points, and prudence returned to prevail at the time of closing business.

Demand for currencies was very active from the onset of operations, leading to the wholesale price of $ 38. Buying orders from investors who changed positions and banks continued to apply.

The buyers did not find enough support in the selling point before the banks and investors speculation that when raising the price they preferred to wait.

However, after mid-day some repair proposals and prices fell back to 30 cents, the intraday high. The total volume in the market was US $ There. $ 623 million, only 2% less than Wednesday.

In the usual tendency of LELIC, the BCRA endorsed another slight cut in the rate, which averaged 57,316%. The central one has a total $ 147,827 million, out of the $ 151,332 million that matured.

In the area, for its part, the US. There. Currency also operates with a higher trend. For example, in Brazil it advances 0.7% to 3,762 rises; While in Mexico it claims 0.9%; And in Colombia, 0.6%.

Other markets

In the money market between banks, calls were transacted at an average of 54%.

In the Rofex futures market, 893 million US dollars. There. Were traded, of which more than 50% were agreed in January and February terms, trading at the end of $ 38.49 and $ 39,792; With rates of 53.93% and 47.98% respectively. The terms have shown that there are more than twenty cents to accompany the rise of space.

Finally, the Central Bank reserves increased US dollar. There. $ 90 million to US There. $ 66,255 million.

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