The details of mortal Kombat 11, the most violent and bloody mythical sage showed – 01/18/2019


Announced with a trailer at the Academy Awards Awards last ceremony, Netherrealm Studios officially presented this year's big bet: Mortal Kombat 11, The Most Violent and Bloody Edition of the Legendary Fights Video Game, which turns 27 between Fitchines and Consoles.

At an event held in London, England, streamed by YouTube, Twitter and Twitch, the Chicago-based company revealed many details of the mortal Kombat 11, but the one that had all the attention The new fatalities. The movements that characterize the saga can end up fighting with style and lots of blood, as long as the player makes the necessary combination of buttons.

It is also presentation of New characters They added to the well-known Dark Raiden, Shao Kahan, and Scorpion (protagonist of the cover) and Liu Kang. In addition to Baraka, Scarlet was also back, a character who came to Mortal Kombat 9 through an update (DLC).

To all this, Sonya Blade, played by Rondea RooneyA professional MMA fighter who also ventured into the world of cinema will also be part of the game. The novelty is Geras, Who comes to the franchise as a new character. While his abilities may well be known, he apparently possesses powers before the earth.

Rosa Roeyes put his voice and imprint on the character of Sonia Blade.

Rosa Roeyes put his voice and imprint on the character of Sonia Blade.

One of the significant details of the delivery will be the customization. In fact, for the first time, Players will have a character editor at their disposal With it you can alter the designs of your favorite characters; Although they cannot be created from scratch.

With regard to these PlayabilityThe game will have a defense and attack bar, something that will make a difference in terms of the fights. The new work of the also creators of Injustice will offer us An argument that focuses on temporary travelSo young versions of the characters will meet their most veteran older age. The study, while on the other hand, said he was "very proud" of the history mode they prepared for the MC 11.

Finally, landing of mortal Kombat 11 coincides with a special date, since the franchise celebrates 1/4 of a century. While the first Four installments are distributed by Midway games And cast mainly for phichines; Later, they are available in consoles until the current versions.

Throughout the story and against the competition, the Street Fighter, for example, made it the distinctive bloody character of Mortal Kombat. A classic video game. Interestingly, the Super Nintendo version was censored, while its competition, Sega Mega Drive, didn't have any change.

Now it only remains to wait April 23 For mortal combat 11 to reach the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC consoles.

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